Sunday - Thursday from 5pm-7pm and Friday - Saturday from 3pm-5pm


  • Vegetable spring rolls
Puff pastry filled with mixed vegetables served with sweet chilli sauce
  • Mozzarella sticks
Deep fried breaded mozzarella cheese stick and served with salsa
  • Jalapos
Cream cheese stuffed jalapenos coated with bread crumbs served with salsa.
  • Plicante wings
Chicken wings marinated with Mexican spices, glazed with hot Louisiana sauce served with hacienda ranch dressing
  • Nachos supreme
Homemade Nachos topped with chilli beans con carne and melted cheese served with guacamole, sour cream and salsa.
  • Mexican Stuffed Potato Skins - Chicken
Potato skins topped with your choice of fillings,served with hacienda Ranch dressing.
  • Mexican Stuffed Potato Skins - Beef
Potato skins topped with your choice of fillings,served with hacienda Ranch dressing.

Main Courses

  • Spicy Burrito
A large flour tortilla filled with lightly seasoned vegetables. Oven baked and topped with enchilada sauce Served with Mexican rice, sour cream and guacamole.
  • Chicken Enchilada Ranchera
A twist of a coastal Mexican classic. Soft tortilla wraps filled with chicken, beef or prawn topped with our special sauce with melted cheese. Served with sour cream refried beans and Mexican rice.
  • Chicken Piri Piri Burrito
A large flour tortilla filled with refried beans and a choice of your feelings, topped with peri peri spicy sauce ,served with rice and sour cream.
  • Chicken Sizzling Barbecue Chimichangas
A large flour tortilla filled with your choice and refried beans then deep fried and served on a sizzling skillet with peppers, onions and topped with barbecue sauce.
  • Blazing Bird
A Mexican Grill Dundee's speciality with breast of chicken grilled with onion, pepper and garlic. Served with sour cream, coleslaw and fresh salad. Choose either a spicy peri peri sauce or a smokey jerk sauce. Make it as hot as you like by adding fresh green chillies to the peri peri sauce.
  • Grilled chicken/Beef fajita
Chipotle citrus marinated chicken or Beef served in a sizzling cast iron skillet accompanied with salsa ,sour cream,guacamole,cheese and warm flour tortilla.
  • Beef Meatball
Beef Meatball cooked with onion and peppers,served with rice and sour cream.
  • Picadillo
Minced beef cooked in our mexican spices and herbs,Served with Rice, sour cream and Nachos.